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Hopeland Festival

I am pleased to announce that I will be performing for the 1st time in Green Bay’s new Hopeland Festival! It is a collaboration between over 50 live musical performances, the city’s finest local craft breweries and food, regional visual artists, and community small business leaders at eight of the most influential establishments in Green Bay’s premier urban neighborhood. I’ll be doing two shows on September 21st – check out the website for details.



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Tom Petty Tribute


Madison!  This Friday, it will be my pleasure to pay tribute to another fallen musical legend in this age of dying heroes.  Proceeds go to charity (Madison Area Music Association).


TP tribute

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Mile 5

It’s already that time of year again, and I am super psyched to head up to Appleton for the 5th Mile Of Music Festival. I’ve played all 5 years since its humble beginnings, and plan to do so whenever I can. It’s easily one of my favorite festivals to play, and it’s always a great time. Check out my schedule below:

Brandon Beebe, Bus

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Mile 4


Excited to be part of one of my favorite festivals again this year.  Make the pilgrimage to Appleton, WI, and you will not be disappointed.  Almost all of the shows are free, and only require that you show up.  One of the highlights of my summer every year since it’s inception 4 years ago, it has continually grown to attract more and more of the most talented acts in the North American music scene.  Check out my show schedule for details on where to catch me (I play 5 shows!).

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Best of Madison 2016

I’d like to say thank you to the people of Madison for voting for me once again in this year’s ‘Best of Madison’ poll, making me an award winner for the fourth year in a row.  Your support means a lot.  All of the winners live in this link below:


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Mile of Music (Mile 3)


So excited to be part of #MileOfMusic in Appleton, WI for the third year in a row. It’s a fantastic festival that’s been growing rapidly…and best of all, most of the 800 shows are free admission! Check out my show schedule to find out when I’ll be playing.

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Best of Madison 2015

A big “thank you” once again to the Madison community for voting for me in Madison Magazine’s annual “Best of Madison” poll.  This year, I am fortunate enough to win 3 first place awards: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, and Alt/Indie. I’ll have lots of shows this spring and summer, and I look forward to playing for you. Here is a link to all of the winners:

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Mile of Music Festival (Mile 2)

I feel so honored and psyched to have been a part of Appleton, Wisconsin’s “Mile of Music” festival for the second year in a row. So much heart, so much soul, so much kindness. If you haven’t been, plan on going next year! Kudos to you guys for paving the way for original music to be heard and appreciated. Thank you @MileOfMusicFest!


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Best Of Madison 2014 and Best of Daytrotter

I am happy to announce that for the second year in a row I am a recipient of Madison Magazine’s “Best Singer/Band” award.  Thank you Madison for casting a vote my way!  

Also, I am honored that the good folks at Daytrotter included one of my songs (“Ashes”) in their list of the top 300 songs of 2013.  I’m so glad they felt the performance went as well as I felt it did at the time…out of 5,000 songs by some top-notch artists.  

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This was definitely one of those special times that I feel lucky in my line of work to experience. A bit speechless…so many big, big names have done it, like Iron & Wine, Wilco, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Bon Iver, MGMT, etc, and up-and-coming acts like my Wisco friends PHOX.  All of the songs were recorded live in one take.  Listen to the session here.

Extra special thanks to the musicians who accompanied me and lent their talents and personalities to the session:
Sophia Borgias (cello), Ela Mowinski (violin), Jeff Weiss (upright bass), and Roberto Garza (percussion, backing vox).

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