Madison, Wisconsin’s Brandon Beebe is a uniquely evocative singer/songwriter whose talents have brought him to festivals like South by Southwest and allowed him to share the stage with renowned artists including Darius Rucker, Meshell Ndegeocello, Tennis, Kandace Springs, Valerie June, Zoe Keating, PHOX, Dessa, and many more. At a time when music can be emotionally veiled and detached, Beebe connects with audiences with lyrical sincerity and rich, soulful vocals reminiscent of Cat Stevens, Elliott Smith, and Ray Lamontagne. At the same time, Beebe brings audiences to their feet, dancing to such stirring live-looped songs as “She’s the Moon” and “Keep Running”. Beebe’s skills with the looping pedal allow him to showcase his multi-instrumental talents to create a larger than life, spontaneously exciting experience for the audience. Recent accolades include Madison Magazine’s “Best Singer/Songwriter”, “Best Folk/Americana”, and “Best Alternative/Indie” artist. Additionally, the largely influential website/recording studio has recently voted Brandon’s song “Ashes” as one of the top of the year. Channeling a wide variety of influences, with a spiritual nod to the past and a sound all his own, this is folk music as never heard before.


Madison, Wisconsin’s Brandon Beebe has waited a long time for his debut album, “In This Place”, to come to fruition.  Luckily, the wait was worth it.  The self-produced, self-financed collection is meticulously crafted, and the blood, sweat and tears that went into its creation can be both heard and felt.  Lyrically, it is often raw and direct, while at other times it is allusive and poetic.  Beebe’s rich vocals are delivered with both confidence and vulnerability, reminiscent of Cat Stevens, Elliot Smith, Ben Harper, and Ray Lamontagne, but at once all his own.  Sonically, its textures range broadly: from acoustic guitars surrounded by cello and violins, to swelling tones from electric guitars and keyboards, to haunting, layered harmonies to afro-funk beats with Brazilian percussion.  Songs like “Ghost” provide the perfect soundtrack for a cold winter’s evening, while “She’s the Moon” recalls summer’s sweat and excitement.  The album’s diverse stylistic range and depth make it apparent that “In This Place” is no ordinary singer-songwriter album, and Beebe is no ordinary performer.


5 responses to “Bio

  1. Fan

    Congrats on your performance at the Barrymore. Woohoo! It was fun to see you perform live and watch you with the other musicians. We wish you much success in 2013 and beyond. >:)

  2. Just watched your video…my husband and I were trying to find something “different” to do on New Years. Going to recommend Buck and Honeys since you will be there that evening….absolutely amazing vocals!!

  3. Patty

    Wow. I saw Brandon at Uno’s this week!! Amazing!!! So much tenderness & feeling. Loved him. I wish he could get himself hooked into bigger venues, with larger audiences. He is a very soulful performer, with so much feeling & beauty. I bought his CD “in this place” and I am telling you… He is incredible. Especially LOVE LOVE LOVE Neon Trees, Ghost & She’s the Moon!! Amazing talent & depth. I cannot imagine this lovely young man won’t make it big.
    Would love to see your posts & shows listed in order of most recent. It would make it more user friendly. That may help the viewer out. Keep up the outstanding energy!!! Patty

  4. Tim Daniels

    Congrats Brandon, have not caught a show yet but am looking forward to it ,if you are ever around when 5th gear is playing come on out and jump
    On stage with us

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