Oxenfrē (Brookings, OR) 7:00 pm 07/05/2019

Buck & Honey’s (Sun Prairie, WI) 6:30 pm 08/03/2019

Ten Pin Alley (Fitchburg, WI) 7:00 pm 08/09/2019

The Lone Girl (Waunakee, WI) 2:00 pm 08/11/2019

The Loft at 132 (Sun Prairie, WI) 6:00 pm 08/22/2019

Lucky’s on the Lake (Lodi, WI) 7:00 pm 08/23/2019

>Private Party (Deerfield, WI) 7:00 pm 08/24/2019

“Purple Veins” Prince tribute at the Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI) 8:30 pm 8/30/2019

“Purple Veins” Prince tribute at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN) 8:00 pm 8/30/2019


Hopeland Festival (Green Bay, WI) Sept 21st 5 pm @Title Town Rooftop; 7 pm @Kavarna

“Purple Veins” Prince tribute at the Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI) 8:30 pm 9/22/2018

Idea Fest (Madison, WI) 5:45-7:00 pm 09/29/2018

Mile of Music (Appleton, WI) August 4-5 venues and times in link and on Mile 6 Site

Tom Petty Tribute at the Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI) 8:00 pm 11/24/2017

Mile of Music (Appleton, WI) August 3-5 venues and times in link and on Mile 5 Site

Midwest Firefest (Cambridge, WI) 1:30 pm 07/23/2017

Majestic Theatre (Madison) w/Kandace Springs 8:00 pm 08/17/2016 $20

Mile of Music 4 Festival (Appleton, WI) 08/05/2016 – Spat’s Outdoor Stage 1:40-2:30 pm (full band) Heid Music 4:00-4:40 (Q&A)”Meet the Artist” Outer Edge 7:40-8:30 pm (full band)
08/06/2016 – Riverside Bar & Grille 2:40-3:30 McGuinness Irish Pub 7:10-8:00

Oxenfre Public House (Brookings, OR) 7:00 pm 07/08/2016

Verona Music Festival 4:00 pm 07/25/2015

Majestic Theatre (Madison) w/Zoe Keating 8:00 pm 1/9/2014

The Frequency w/Valerie June 8:00 pm 12/13/2013

The Frequency as part of “COMMUNION” (Madison, WI) 8:00 pm 11/20/13. With TENNIS, Nathaniel Ratecliff, Savoir Adore, On and On, and Buildings on Buildings.

Holy Mountain as part of South by Southwest in Austin, TX 3/15/2013. With PHOX, Dessa, Count This Penny, Martin Dosh.

The Frequency w/Hannah Georgas 8:00 pm 1/29/2013

Crystal Grand Theatre, Wisconsin Dells (opening for Darius Rucker) 7:30 pm 8/24/2012

Barrymore Theatre w/Michelle Ndegeocello 8:00 pm 11/30/2012

UW Memorial Union Terrace 9:00 pm 5/18/2013


Check out the show schedule at our Reverbnation site.4


10 responses to “Shows

  1. Carisa

    Hey Brandon –
    Caught you solo at the Dane in Wausau last weekend. You were great. Hoping you’ll advertise your Central Wisconsin dates/venues in the future. Quite a few people we talked with would like to see you again.

  2. Brian

    Saw Brandon at a house concert in Middleton. He really throws his whole being into his performance. If you haven’t seen him, make it a priority. He is so amazing, you have to see him perform to believe it.

  3. Linda

    Saw Brandon at Crystal Palace last night and we were very impressed. Will make a point to see him again.

  4. I attended a house concert in Monona last night. Brandon was fantastic! It was so fun to see how he reels his own voice and sounds together right in front of your eyes was fascinating and very impressive. What a talent right here in Madison. I bought his cd and have played it several times this morning…I need to buy more for Christmas presents to share with all my friends!

  5. Deb

    We just saw Brandon at Babe’s. He is so versatile and plays a huge range of music. I always get a kick out of him and look forward to seeing him again.

  6. I have seen Brandon perform many times and make it a priority to go hear him often. His CD is amazing and one of my all time favorites. He is an astoundingly creative songwriter with soul, depth and dimension to his music and an authentic devotion to his craft. His original songs are timeless in nature. He has a huge repertoire of songs by other artists that he makes his own in ways that honor the original recordings yet often leave you feeling you are hearing them for the first time. If you like a song and he doesn’t know it, make a request…then go back to hear him and he will play it for you. I recommend going to hear him at a house concert or smaller patio venue where you can really hear and appreciate his music. Kathleen

  7. Brian

    Thank you and congratulations for a tremedous performance at Appleton’s Mile of Music. My wife and I happened upon THE BAR while enjoying the initial Mile of Music…luckily for us, we saw almost all of your performance.
    Hope to have you back in MOM next year. Brian and Sandy, first time CD owners.

  8. Patty

    Wow. I saw Brandon at Uno’s this week!! I wish he could get himself hooked into bigger venues, with larger audiences. He is a very soulful performer, with so much feeling & beauty. I bought his CD “in this place” and I am telling you… He is incredible. Especially LOVE LOVE LOVE Neon Trees, Ghost & She’s the Moon!! Amazing talent & depth. I cannot imagine this lovely young man won’t make it big. Patty

  9. Jim McConnell

    Fantastic all around. The rest of would be lucky to have the talent in one of his little finger. Wow!

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